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When can I get vaccinated for Covid-19?

Updated 31-03-2021

We have received news saying that foreign residents in Spain, who are registered (padron), but are not entitled to the Seguridad Social, or are not registered yet, can go to the nearest “Centro de Salud” of the “Seguridad Social” and be included in the vaccination program. It´s important to bring a "Certificado de empadronamiento".

It’s importante to bear in mind that, once you're included in the program, you will be called for when it’s your turn, depending the age or risk group you’re in. You can see the progress through the following link: https://www.vacunacovid.gob.es

Below you can find the message from the Junta de Andalucia about this subject:

Foreigners living in Andalusia (who wish to), even if they do not have access to “Seguridad Social”, can be vaccinated by the Andalusian Public Health System based on the priority criteria set by the Ministry. he only condition for this is to be registered in a municipality in Andalusia.+

To carry out the vaccination process for these people, the Ministry of Health and Family of the Andalusian Regional Government, together with the consulates, is developing a procedure to provide the information to foreign residents so they can be included in the databases.

The above applies to Andalusia and we understand that the same applies in Valencia. We assume that this will be the same for all autonomous states, but for those who live in other regions, we recommend that you go the nearest "Centro de Salud" and inquire about this.

The vaccination process is fully coordinated by the government and only through the “Seguridad Social”, so they have the control over who is vaccinated.

Direct link to form from Seguridad Social, to be included in their database for vaccination, click here

This will only give inclusion in database and no right to medical care through the Seguridad Social.


Update 05-02-2021 

Lately, we have been regularly asked if the vaccination against COVID-19 is already available through private healthcare.

Unfortunately, not much is currently known about who and when people will get their vaccin against Covid-19. Until now, the available vaccines have gone to people in nursing homes and health care workers. The vaccination plan is determined by the government and is provided by the Segurdad Social, under strict control. At this moment 1,8 million dosis have been administered, of which one third have had the full of normally 2 dosis. 

We assume that at the moment it´s the turn for other groups, especially people over 65 and people with higher health risk, they will receive a message. 

But what if you are nnot entitled to care though the "Seguridad Social"? How can you get access to the vaccine? To this date, nothing is known about this. We assume that at some point the vaccine will also become available in private healthcare, but as soon as we know more, we will inform.

You can keep up to date with the latetest developments through the goverment´s official website at: https://www.vacunacovid.gob.es/preguntas-y-respuestas/cuando-me-vacuno

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