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Insure your car with English Guidance!

Information car insurances

As a resident but also as a non-resident you can buy or import a car, insure it and drive it in Spain. You could have still some confusion about this but dont worry we will solve all your doubts.

You do need to be in possession of a NIE number in Spain. If you own a property in Spain, you should already have a NIE number. When you buy or import a car they will ask for a copy of your property purchase deed or long term rental contract.

Do you already have car insurance in Spain and you want to compare it on price and coverage? We will be glad to send you a free quote.

In most cases we can insure the car straight away if you would need it. This can be arranged quickly and easily!

Free roadside assistance
All car insurances that we offer include standard cover for roadside assistance. This roadside assistance service applies from km. 0, even if the car is at your home and no longer starts. For more information about this, please contact us.

No-claim disccount
We can include the no-claim years accumulated in your insurance outside of Spain to your new car insurance in Spain. In this way we can offer you a competitive quote. 

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What types of coverages are available?

  • Third Party Liability
  • Third Party Extended (choice of; fire, theft, window breakage and total loss)
  • Fully Comprehensive 

Third Party Liability
There is a legal obligation to insure your car in Spain.

Third party liability is a basic insurance and the cheapest option. It insures you against damage you cause to third parties. Damage to your own car is not covered.

The third party liability insurance has no deductible.

Third Party Plus
This insurance is the same as the third party insurance increased with cover against fire, theft, window breakage and total loss in the event of an accident. These coverages can also be taken out separately. 

There is no deductible for all Third Party Extended variants.

Fully Comprehensive
A fully Comprehensive insurance covers all damages of your own vehicle, whereby you only pay the amount of the deductible.

With a fully comprehensive insurance, a deductible amount can be chosen. This helps you to keep your premium low. The higher the deductible amount, the lower the premium.

The deductible amounts you can choose could vary between €90 and €6,000. The most common deductible is €300.

Green card
Within the European Union, a green card is no longer mandatory to travel. If you are traveling by car out of Europe, for example to Morocco, you DO need a green card. The green card presents, among other things, in which countries you are insured, which license plate is insured, during which period the insurance is valid and of course the green card number.

We recommend that you always keep your car policy or a copy of it in your car. That way you always have the details of your policy and contact details at hand.

Car import
Do you have a car with a license plate from out of Spain and do you want to import it? We can put you in touch with someone who can arrange the import for you.

Road tax in Spain is a lot cheaper than in England and you do have to pay import duties. Do you want to know whether it is advantageous to import your car? For more information mail or call us!

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